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What does ADEPTA charge? 

When selling your home, Adepta charges a flat fee of $5,000 paid at close. In either case, you’ll receive a fantastic, full-service real estate brokerage experience.

I’m selling my home, so why do I have to offer 3% commission to the buyer’s broker? 

If you do not offer 3% commission to buyer’s brokers, the unfortunate truth is that your home will not be shown as often as it should. While offering 3% commission is not required, Adepta only works with sellers who are willing to offer 3% commission. In our experience, not doing so results in listing that tends to be discriminated against.

So, what’s the catch? 

There isn’t one. Adepta is making 10-year anniversary and we want you to be part of this celebration.

What is included in your fee? 

As a seller, we use our pricing process to expertly (and correctly) price your home, analyses your property for any improvements, take professional photos, drone, videos, market the home via the MLS and websites (including Zillow/Trulia/, manage showings and offers, and see the transaction through to title.

Does my house have to be qualified and ready before listed for showings? 

Yes. We will guide you the best way to make sure your house is right and ready for showings. We do not want you to have your house for sale in the market if is not in the right conditions, so you do not lose any potential buyer for other listings.

If I’m selling my house, is the first meeting (listing presentation) free? Are you sure I don’t have to sign something? 

Yes, it’s free. One of our fantastic agents will meet you in your house with our expertly crafted valuation. No, you don’t have to sign anything.

If I’m selling my house with you, does my agent go to all the showings? 

No. If Adepta is representing you to sell your home, your Adepta Listing Agent will not be at showings. She/he will follow up actively with all agents who show your home to get their feedback. If an unrepresented buyer wants to see your home, we will designate a Adepta Buyer’s Agent to show the home.

How long is the listing agreement? 

A listing agreement with Adepta is generally 6 months. It may be longer for homes that are over $1,000,000, as they tend to have a higher average number of days on market.

What is a “side”? 

In every real estate transaction, there is a buyer (the “buy side”) and a seller (the “sell side”). With that in mind, there are two “sides” in every real estate transaction. Traditional real estate agents usually charge 3% commission per side, paid at close, for a total of 6% commission.

Do I have to pay anything up front? 

No. Adepta only earns a fee when the home sale or purchase is successfully closed.

Are there any extra fees?

No. If you decide to stage your home or make any improvement, this it will be your choice of extra expense.

Is a yard sign included? 

Yes, if permitted by the Association.

Is an electronic key box included? 

Yes. Only state-licensed, fingerprinted, and background checked real estate agents may access the key boxes.

Is Adepta a member of the MLS? 

Yes. Adepta Realty LLC is a member of the MLS in Central Florida and South Florida.

Who is your licensed broker? 

Allan Kardosh (license # BK3219844) is our broker in the state of Florida. He has been licensed since the 2004 and has been a broker for over 1,000 home transactions.

Are Adepta’ s agents licensed real estate agents? 

Yes. We are all real estate agents licensed by the Florida Real Estate Commission.